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Cha Cha is a Cuban dance related to the Mambo and Rumba. Very popular in Latin nightclubs, it can also be used for dancing to Jazz, Swing, and some Top 40 music. Fast, precise footwork, Cuban motion.

East Coast Swing  or Jitterbug is a 1930s American Swing dance that made Big Band music so popular. Danced to slow and med swing, jazz, rock and roll, or r&b music.

Foxtrot is an American ballroom dance favorite at weddings, parties, and nightclubs. Danced to big band, jazz, swing - at both slow and fast tempos; one of the most versatile ballroom dances. .

Slow and sultry, Rumba, often called the "Latin Waltz", combines hip movement and body placement to produce one of ballroom's most sensually romantic dances.

Salsa is a fast, aerobic American Latin nightclub dance that is a fusion of Cuban Mambo and American Swing. Very popular in clubs and at parties. Seen in the movies: "Salsa", "Dance with Me", "Dirty Dancing", "Dirty Dancing II".

Samba is a fast, aerobic and sexy Brazilian nightclub dance made famous by Carnaval. Lots of Cuban motion. Seen in "Black Orpheus".

Born on the pampas, nurtured in the barrios and brothels of Buenos Aires, Tango captures the essence of sensual conflict between two dancers: attraction and desire - seduction and the possibility of more.

The grandfather of all ballroom dances, the graceful gliding Waltz is a favorite of weddings and sophisticated society parties. One of the best dances for beginners because of its stately pace and easily mastered (and familiar) rhythm.

Viennese Waltz is a fast, twirling formal Viennese variation of the Waltz - a reminder of glittering court dances for princes and princesses. Simple in form, but difficult in execution - should be reserved for students with 3+ months dance experience.

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