What should I wear for my dance Lesson?
 For ladies, skirt and blouse. Skirt would make you look much more fluid when you danceFor men, long trouser/slacks with polo shirt. Jeans not recommeded for men/lady as the material would make you look not fluid. If you do not have shoes, just wear socks.


Do you sell dancing shoes ?
Yes, we do sell dancing shoes for both men and lady and it runs for $130 per pair.
Dancing shoe actually would make you look better when you dance.Our shoe is of high quality and should last 5 years if you use it 2 times per week.Dance shoe are made for dancing where they have good support for the heel, very flexible and very light. The bottom is made of suede leather which would give you the optimum grip (not too grip nor too slippery) whenever you turn or spin.


Do you accept credit card or cheque?
We only accept Cash in US dollar or Yen
Once you make your payment for lessons, you can start immediately or make a reservation for your next dance lesson.


 Do you have English Speaking Staff?
Yes, we have English speaking staff. We're open EVERYDAY 4pm-11pm. Come & and; visit us the receptionist will assist you when you arrive.


Will I be taking lessons with people of my own age?
Most likely. Leon Eri students range in age from 5 to 82 years young!
The majority of our students are between 20 a@55 and attend lessons@twice a week.


 Do I need to have a partner to take lessons?
No, not at all. You will take your Private Lessons with an instructor and your Group Lessons with the entire group.Many of our couples also take their lessons separately, each with theirown instructor. Others take them together with one instructor.


How do I know when Ifm ready for private instruction?
Do you want to improve your dancing? If the answer is gyesh, then you
are ready. There is no such thing as being ggood enoughh for private
lessons. Private lessons are taught at all levels, raw beginner to experiencedcompetitor.


I have a busy schedule, I need something that fits my schedule?
Private lesson would be perfect for you as you can take your lessons anytime from 4-11pm everyday. Reservation necessary. However all instructors require 24 hour notice (by phone 098-870-2525) for cancellation of a private lesson. Our instructors reserve the right to charge for the lessons if such notice is not given.


How much should I bring for me to start?
Bring \10500 and. this will give you 5 private lesson (25 minutes each lesson). If you do this lesson with another friend you share half of the \10500 with him or her as we allow up to 2 persons per private lesson.


Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes, we do. Beginner's Program would have 5 Private Lessons for \10500.


How much can I learn in five lessons?
You'll get the basics down in 3-5 dances. We show you how to interelate
similar patterns in multiple dances. This helps you reinforce one particular dance because you've adapted that same step in another dance. Imagine yourself not having to sit out another dance!


I feel intimidated just thinking about going to a dance studio to take lessons.
Any comments to ease my fears?
After having taught 5,000 people to dance since our grand opening in 2001,
we know how you feel. Our school is consistently well-attended because
we know how to put people at ease and make the classes a lot of fun. There
will always be other students  around you who initially feel the same way
as you. You will have plenty of company but we guarantee you will be fun
learning. And as we mentioned before, you are welcome to come and watch
a class first. We are sure you will feel a lot better after seeing howwe teach a class. So join us and become no. 5,001.



Frequently Asked Questions