These are testimonials collected from our students over these past years,
Read what they have to say and about their experiece with us.

"Leion is a great teacher!  He makes learning to dance fun and easy.h

gI never thought I could learn to dance, but I felt comfortable learning with the others in my group.h

gBallroom dancing has changed my life. I love meeting new people and learning different dances.h

gLeon Eri Dance School is such a nice change from the dance classes at most US studios. You get individual attention and japanese hospitality-- it makes a real difference. The best part is lesson fee are 50% cheaper than what i used to pay back in USh

"My fiance and I came to Leion Eri thinking we'd take a lesson or two just to lower the probability of my tripping all over myself at our wedding.  Now, my wife and I  know Waltz, Swing, Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, and even Salsa!  Leon makes dancing something to really look forward to doing together."
Will & Jessica

"My husband and I love learning to ballroom dance together.  We have the opportunity to learn something new and grow both as a couple and as dance partners."


"The best quality about Leion as a teacher is that he embodies patience and passion. His love and enthusiasm for the art of dance is contagious.  We were a hit at our wedding performing our Waltz because he encouraged our efforts & helped take us to a higher level. People were blown away."

gLeon Eri Dance School is the perfect place to learn ballroom dancing.  It's big enough to move around freely wihout fearing you will hit someone nearby .  Eri's creative approach in teaching a particular step or dance allows me to learn at my own pace in my private lessons.  Also, they are a lot of fun!h

gYou'll be happy to hear --- our first dance went off without a hitch! It was great fun. Wide-eyed audience + applause and "woohoo!" in all the right places. It was quite a rush!h
Sarah and Andreas

gOur routine was a crowd-pleaser. We got lots of "oohs" and "aahs" on the turns, dip, and twirling at the end. But, most importantly Dan and I had a blast dancing together. Thank you again for the dance lessons!h
Lisa and Dan

gThank you for keeping us on our toes! Your unfailing patience and good humor has been greatly appreciated. Cheers, and thanks again!h
Julie and Sean

gThe wedding was fabulous, and the dancing was a big hit. We had a wonderful jazz band, and the Maid of Honor sang "our" song, "At Last". Jon and I danced superbly and the crowd went wild for the kiss at the end. We even danced with our parents... Thank you for the expert lessons and coaching. We couldn't have done it without you.
Roxy and Jon

"I pass the dance school everday watching below the curtain ......people legs dancing. In the end i got my courage and sign up for lessons and until now i am still loving it every second of my dance lesson. Thank you so much Eri .

"We still think fondly of our Monday night classes and how hard you worked to help us get ready for our anniversary. Our dance was the hit of the reception. We enjoyed our classes so much, and we appreciate all your patience and humor! Hope to see you soon for more classes!
Julie and Sean

"I really like the instructors (Leon & Erii) here. They have regular Wednesday evening group classes as well as individual classes. My fiance and I came in to meet  Leon for a valentine present consultation and really enjoyed our first class. Leon is not only great with working with our schedule but is also quite good at explaining dance steps and concepts. Leon was very patient with us, and we're excited to attend our next class."
Irene and James

Well, we are all back from our honeymoon and the wedding was amazing!!  The dances were phenominal and everyone loved both of them.  They both went really, really well.  Above all, they were incredibly fun for all of us. Thank you again for everything.  We loved you, we loved coming to classes and it was a great thing to do with both my Dad and mom.  Thank you for all your help, we loved it!!



  • Corey and Nicky White

Corey and I came in to your studio August of 2009, determined to learn how to dance together for our special day. It has been such a wonderful experience learning with the instructors there. We look forward to our weekly lessons, dancing and laughing are always what we know to expect. Not only have we learned to dance, but we have also met some wonderful people. With only 6 weeks left to go... we are both feeling pretty confident that our first dance for our wedding, March 27th, 2010, will be wonderful. Thank you again to everyone (and we look forward to taking classes even after our big day is over).

  • John and Nadine

The primary reason we sought dance lessons as a couple, was that we wanted to be able to dance with a modicum of confidence at social occasions. Little did we know we would want more. The Leion Eri Dance School has given us more than we had anticipated. We have become quite proficient in several dances: waltz, foxtrot, samba, cha cha, rumba, swing, tango and salsa. The instructors are positive, patient and enthusiastic. Their entire focus is on the student in any situation, whether it is during a lesson or if the student has a particularly challenging dance move to master during a practice session. It is not uncommon for an instructor to approach us when we are practicing alone and share an observation with us. We have discovered that there are wonderful benefits to dancing. Dancing exercises both the physical and mental aspects of an individual. The physical is self explanatory (also great for weight loss). One needs to remember the steps to each dance and be able to improvise on the spot when on the dance floor, a perfect means to retain mental acuity. Leion & Eri have created a friendly, but professional atmosphere at the studio. It is always a pleasant experience to enter the studio to cheerful greetings and smiling faces. Who would have thought that a beginner would be dancing the night away?

  • Karla Navarro

Leion Eri Dance School is the best! It is a great place to free your mind and enjoy time while learning new dances. When I first heard about Leion Eri Dance School, I was very excited. I knew this was the place for me. I called and I soon began the beginnerfs program and have been extremely satisfied since then. Everyone at the studio is very nice and welcoming. They make you feel very comfortable as a newcomer. Watching all the teachers dance and seeing the skill and flexibility they dance with is very inspirational. They motivate me to do better and one day dance with the poise and elegance they dance with. Leion Eri Dance School is great, and everyday is an exciting day when Ifm learning. I love it!

  • Parcae

When I first walked into this studio, I expected to walk out in two minutes. I was overweight, in my mid-30s, and going through a very hard time. I had moved to Okinawa fairly recently and had no friends or family here. Upon entering the studio, I was greeted by a very friendly dance instructor who warmly welcomed me and answered all my questions. I thought I had to have a partner. No. Did I have to have any experience? No. I looked beyond the front desk and saw a room filled with people of all ages, sizes, and races. They all seemed to be having fun. What a concept, I thought. I signed up for a Beginnerfs Program for the following week. When I arrived for that appointment, I was again greeted by same instructor, who remembered me. I was introduced to a very nice young man named, Leion. In spite of my being extremely nervous, he put me at ease. He asked questions about why I decided to try dancing and offered suggestions on how they might meet my needs. Then, we danced.... on that first lesson! I actually had fun for the first time in a very long time. I wanted more so I signed up for the Foundation Program(Ruby Level) and, not long after, the Bronze program(Emerald Level). Now, 18 months later, I have two amazing instructors, Leion and Eri. I go to the studio 4-5 times a week for private or group lessons, or parties. Next week, I leave for Tokyo to compete in a Pro-Am ballroom competition. Compete! I have lost a lot of weight and have many friends among the students and the staff. I always have something to look forward to and plan other activities around what is happening at the studio. I am grateful for all the staff, counselors, and students at the studio. It is such a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment. What they offer goes far beyond dance lessons. They offer a community... We celebrate weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, and any other special event a student is celebrating. My life is very different from what it was when I first walked in there, and all for the better. Oh, and I can dance now, too!

  • Craig and Lori

We had talked about taking ballroom dancing lessons for several years, but never took the first step until we were planning our wedding. We wanted our first dance to be different and special, and decided on the tango to Por Una Cabeza. We discussed our plans with the Leion Eri Dance School staff and started our lessons five months before the wedding. Then Leion & Eri choreographed our tango and worked tirelessly to give us the skills and confidence to perform for our friends and family, who still tell us how much they enjoyed our dance. When we started our dance lessons, we weren't sure how far we would go with dancing. We discovered that dancing is something that we can share with each other and decided to continue learning. We appreciate that the studio faculty and staff have pushed us to learn new things we didn't think we were capable of doing, in an environment of support and encouragement with our fellow students, making the challenge of learning enjoyable. With our deepest appreciation for changing our lives, Craig and Lori.

  • Jan Sobel, participant in Tokyo- ProAm Dance Championship

I can never thank you enough for your encouragement, energy, and support! You are all the best! Thanks again!

  • Erik Nelson

Patience and ability with finding and correcting our deficiency is so appreciated.

  • Lynn Nelson

My goal when I began was to feel comfortable in social dance situations, and that has improved 100%!


  • Kristal Austria

I can honestly say that joining Leion Eri Dance School has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Not only do I get to dance and constantly improve what I enjoy every day, I've also met and have made friends with some of the most wonderful people, which is something I hadn't anticipated when I first joined. Both staff members and students are a delight to be around, and I can't think of a better way to spend my free time than to dance and be around friends who share the same love for dancing. In summary, time and money well spent!

  • Veronica

Coming from someone who's danced in several different arenas, Leion Eri Dance School is the most comprehensive dance experience I've had. You get awesome instruction from the staff, along with practice, competition, and fun from all the parties and functions. Ultimately, with where I am in life, it's worth it.

  • Jessica Luckey

Arthur Murray has without a doubt changed my life and the way I view it. The people I've met, and the experiences I've had, will stay with me for the rest of my life. Most importantly, my instructors Leion and Eri, have had a major impact on my dancing.

  • Robbie Rose

As reluctant as I was about taking dance lessons, I'm having a great time. I'm actually learning how to dance, ballroom dance. Everyone here has been wonderful, the teachers, the staff and the students. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone.

  • Jackie Wollner

I enjoy coming to the studio. I don't have to push myself, I just find myself there. The atmosphere makes it fun and you can leave your troubles outside. It is great exercise and the people are nice.

  • Cheryl Yaney

Dancing at the Leion Eri Dance School has been the Best! The Staff creates such a supportive and fun-loving environment for both social dancing and the "serious" study of Ballroom Dance. This unique setting allows for all kinds of creativity to tumble forth. This is demonstrated in the parties, individual lessons, group lessons, and the generous performances of the professional staff. Fun to be had by all. The Staff is extraordinary! Bravo to the owners as well!

  • Mr & Mrs Thomas

We came in knowing nothing, and now we have much more confidence to get on the dance floor. Our teachers are top notch, always gently pushing our capabilities. The staff has always been genuine in their kindness and willingness to help us. We always look forward to coming in to the studio, as we always know we will feel better and closer when we leave.

  • Andi Howard-Ringe

I knew dancing was fun, but Leion taught me that it's more than fun, it's a lifetime experience!

  • Susan Cutler

I have been dancing at this studio for over 5 years, and it is the best decision I've ever made for myself. I have grown Immensely in so many ways. The teachers are great and so patient in every way. When I walk through the door, all my cares go away.