Required to choose 5 different dance. Choosing only 1 dance for all 5 lessons is not permitted under this program.@

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Learn 5 dances
for just PPO

Choose 5 dance
@Cha cha cha
FJitter Bug
This program is for beginners to get a feel of dancing.
For PPO you get 5 private lessons
(1 lesson is 25 minutes)
You get to choose 5 different dances from 7 dances namely
As this is a private lesson, you get to choose the time that is convenient for you and have lesson one to one (or two).
1 or 2 person same price, so if you have another friend
to do with you , you share half of the price with him/her.
If you choose to continue dancing, and register on the
5th lesson day, your registration fee will be 50% off.
This Dance Gift Certificates also available for sale.

@@Beginners Program