What makes us unique?

Suspension dance floor

@Our qualified dance instructors are trained to
break down the elements of dancing to make
learning fun and easy. Youfll be up and
dancing in no time even for beginners!

ASuperb Suspension Dance Floor
Absorb 97% of the shock you get
every time your foot lands on the floor.

BThe biggest dance school on Okinawa
6000 square foot/560 square meters of dance floor.

C40 Free car park space for students.

DExcellent Music System

EDance School Activities:
a)Dance parties every 3 months
b)Monthly Test: To check your progress.
Excellent students will get a chance to perform solo with
his/her instructor in the dance party.
c)Pro-Ama competition (compete with your
instructors-like Dancing With The Stars)

Instructor-student discussion table

Stretching/Warming up area